Hubbard wins mayoral race; Martilotta and Roberts elected

Greenport Village Board candidates awaiting election results Wednesday night. (Credit: Paul Squire)
Greenport Village Board candidates awaiting election results Wednesday night. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Greenport Village residents have elected George Hubbard as their new mayor. Newcomers Jack Martilotta and Douglas Roberts also won trustee seats at Wednesday night’s election.

Incumbent Trustee David Murray, who was first elected in 2011, received the least amount of votes in the four-way race. When asked for comment after the ballots were counted, Mr. Murray said he believes all of the candidates worked hard on their campaigns.

“I hope they continue doing good things for the village that we started,” he said. “I think they will. I hope they can work with the whole group.”

Mayor David Nyce, who didn’t seek re-election, said he’s hopeful the new board will work well together.

“I’m very happy for George and wish Dave Murray had been elected because I think he deserved it for the work that he’s done,” Mr. Nyce said. “My hope is that the trustees who were elected are more positive as trustees then they were as candidates because there was a lot of negativity in the election process, but I wish them all luck, wish them wisdom and applaud them for stepping up to serve.”

Mr. Martilotta, a National Guardsman and Greenport science teacher who coaches football, said he’s grateful for the community’s support.

“I’m humbled that they chose me,” he said. “I’m going to do my very best to show I deserve it.”

Mr. Roberts said he’s “fired up” to serve as a trustee on the Village Board.

“Let’s be honest, the people of Greenport came out with a very clear message: They’re ready for a different kind of government,” he said. “They’re ready to participate in government. They’re ready to be heard by their village board. I think that message is pretty clear, so I look forward to honoring that as a trustee.”

Challenger William Swiskey, a former village trustee, had advice for the new board members.

“In my opinion, both of them tomorrow morning should be finding out the financial situation of the village because it’s not good,” he said.

Mr. Hubbard, whose father, George Hubbard Sr., also served as both mayor of Greenport and as a village trustee, said he’s looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps.

“It’s an honor for me with the other people that have been mayor before,” he said. “I’m honored to be considered in the same group as them now. I’m looking forward to working with Jack and Doug. They had a lot of ideas during the campaign.”

When asked for comment, Zuleyha (Julie) Lillis, owner of JB Liquor Store and Mr. Hubbard’s opponent in the mayoral race, said: “I would like to thank all my supporters and congratulations to George Hubbard and the trustees.”

Village officials said 403 people voted at the Greenport firehouse and 68 absentee ballots were cast, however absentee votes weren’t included in the total. Here’s a breakdown:


• George Hubbard Jr. (312, winner)

• Zuleyha (Julie) Lillis (76)


• Jack Martilotta (243, winner)

• Douglas Roberts (221, winner)

• William Swiskey (145)

• David Murray (137)

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