Southold Town marshes to be sprayed for mosquitos Thursday

Local marshes in Southold Town will be treated for mosquito larvae Thursday, Suffolk County officials said.

The county’s Division of Vector Control will treat the following areas: New Suffolk, Great Hog Neck, Kerwin Blvd., Pipes Neck Creek, and Pipes Cove.

Over in Riverhead, the following areas will be treated Thursday: Indian Island, Overlook in Aquebogue, Crescent Duck Farm, Aquebogue Farm and Millar Farm.

The marshes will be treated by helicopter from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. using Vectobac 12 AS, according to a press release.

“No precautions are recommended to prepare for this spraying, as the helicopter will be flying at a very low level over marsh areas and taking other precautions to control drift into inhabited areas,” the release states. “Human exposure from this operation is unlikely and the products involved have no significant human toxicity.”

If weather conditions prevent the spraying, treatment will continue on the next suitable day, according to the statement.

For more information, call the Spraying Information Hotline at (631) 852-4939.