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Mosquito samples taken in Southold, Jamesport and Aquebogue tested positive for West Nile virus, according to the Suffolk County Health Department. The samples — collected between Aug. 13 and Aug. 19 — were among 18 to test positive across Suffolk County. READ

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Local marshes in Southold Town will be treated for mosquito larvae Thursday, Suffolk County officials said.

The county’s Division of Vector Control will treat the following areas: New Suffolk, Great Hog Neck, Kerwin Blvd., Pipes Neck Creek, and Pipes Cove.

Over in Riverhead, the following areas will be treated Thursday: Indian Island, Overlook in Aquebogue, Crescent Duck Farm, Aquebogue Farm and Millar Farm.

The marshes will be treated by helicopter from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. using Vectobac 12 AS, according to a press release.

“No precautions are recommended to prepare for this spraying, as the helicopter will be flying at a very low level over marsh areas and taking other precautions to control drift into inhabited areas,” the release states. “Human exposure from this operation is unlikely and the products involved have no significant human toxicity.”

If weather conditions prevent the spraying, treatment will continue on the next suitable day, according to the statement.

For more information, call the Spraying Information Hotline at (631) 852-4939.

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Aerial spraying of mosquito control pesticides will be taking place over a number of North Fork marshesTuesday, county officials announced Monday.

Suffolk County’s vector control division of the Department of Public Works plans to treat parts of several salt marshes throughout the county by spraying by helicopter in order to control mosquito larvae, officials said.

The department will use a “low altitude, large droplet liquid application,” of Altoside, which is a brand name for the insecticide, methoprene.

The spraying is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 27, from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the various locations.

In Riverhead Town, spraying is planned for marshes near Crescent Duck Farm in Aquebogue, Millar Farm in Aquebogue (north of Cases Creek), Pier Avenue in Northville, and a site listed as “Aquebogue Farm.” It was not immediately clear where that last marsh is located.

In Southold Town, spraying is scheduled for Great Hog Neck in Southold, Kerwin Boulevard in Greenport, Pipes Neck Creek in Greenport and Pipes Cove in Greenport.

Officials say that if weather conditions prevent the scheduled work, spraying will be continue the next suitable day.

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08/05/2013 5:17 PM


Great Hog Neck in Southold Town will be treated for mosquito larvae Tuesday, county officials announced.

The area will be sprayed with Vectobac 12 AS pesticide by helicopter from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., according to the Suffolk County Department of Public Works.

Four locations in Riverhead Town — Indian Island in Riverhead, Crescent Duck Farm and Aquebogue Farm in Aquebogue, and Millar Farm in Jamesport — will also be treated.

Residents on the North Fork are unlikely to be exposed to the pesticides, which “have no significant human toxicity,” a press release states. Health department officials said the places being sprayed are salt marshes not near residential areas.

The pesticide is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and are applied in accordance with the required state and federal permits, county officials said.

Should weather conditions stop the operation, treatment will continue on the next suitable day. Residents don’t need to take precautions against the pesticide, as the helicopter will be flying at “a very low level” over marsh areas.

For more information, call the Suffolk County Division of Vector Control at (631) 852-4270 or the Spraying Information Hotline (631) 852-4939.

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