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Featured letter: Route 48 is one of the nation’s ‘most dangerous roads’


It was annoying to see the word drunk in your front-page caption describing the fatal accident (“Are our roads less safe today?” in the Oct. 8 issue). We all know there were circumstances yet to be proven before blaming any one individual.

As a service provider on the North Fork, I think I log enough miles on our roads to make knowledgeable observations. I believe Route 48 is one of the most dangerous roads in the nation, both by its nature and the drivers that use it, and I don’t blame only the transient ones.

Both ends of the four-lane pavements have inadequate warning signs and no painted arrows in the roadway. Couple that with 99 percent of the drivers in the right lane merging without signaling or giving way to traffic and you have accidents waiting to happen. Another 90 percent of our drivers never use the right lane, whether they are going the speed limit or not. I know it is not required to keep right in New York, but isn’t it courteous to do so?

All intersections on the four-lane section are disastrous and always have been. Why does a major accident have to occur before something is done?

Why is parking allowed on both sides of Main Road in Southold, especially in front of IGA where there’s a perfectly adequate parking lot? The intersection of Youngs Avenue and Main Road is the busiest in Southold, but people insist on blocking traffic with their open car doors rather than going into the lot.

Why do drivers use the turning lanes for passing lanes when a yellow line is not to be crossed unless turning?

Drive defensively, check your rearview mirror often and use common sense, especially when driving on the North Fork!

Mr. Guarriello is a Southold resident.

Editors note: The driver in the caption was referred to as an “alleged drunk driver.” He is currently facing a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge in relation to the crash.