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In need of affordable housing? Sign up for town’s registry

Denis Noncarrow, the town’s new government liaison officer, will spearhead a campaign to get more residents seeking affordable housing to sign up for the town’s registry. 

“We really have to reach out to the public,” he said.

Mr. Noncarrow presented a draft print advertisement to the Town Board Tuesday and said a video ad could also be produced for use on television and on social media.

The town also plans to review its online application for the registry and update it whenever the county’s housing agency releases new guidelines for affordable housing.

The town housing registry gathers information about residents who seek affordable housing opportunities like rental properties, home ownership, housing grants and loans and other forms of assistance, according to the town’s website.

In two and a half years, the town has received 78 applications through the database, Mr. Noncarrow said, adding that letters will be sent to those applicants to determine how many of them are still in town and interested.

The new ad campaign will also try to educate the public about the town’s plans for affordable housing and encourage more people to sign up for the registry.

“That information that we do bring in depending on the data we need to collect is going to be very valuable as we go forward,” Mr. Noncarrow said.

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