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Old Sound Avenue to be re-striped to clarify it’s one way

Southold Town plans to make it clear that a portion of Old Sound Avenue extending west from the intersection of Love Lane and Route 25 in Mattituck is one way only.

“There’s been a lot of concern with traffic still disobeying the one-way,” town engineer Jamie Richter said at Tuesday’s work session. Old Sound Avenue only becomes a two-way street at Westphalia Avenue.

Last month, following a Mattituck Laurel Civic Association meeting about traffic problems at Mattituck Presbyterian Church, a driver went the wrong way on that stretch just as Southold Town Police Chief Martin Flatley and Riverhead Town Police Chief David Hegermiller were crossing the street. 

Councilman William Ruland had the idea to emphasize the one-way restriction, Mr. Richter said, adding that the councilman said residents were adamant that something be done. 

“We’re trying to get people to understand it’s a one-way street and we’re trying to get people to slow down,” Mr. Ruland said. 

The idea is to re-stripe that section of Old Sound Avenue with thermoplastic traffic paint containing glass beads that will shine at night in headlights. The plan also includes large arrows noting the westward direction and delineated street parking. The project would cost $7,500, according to the lower price Mr. Richter said he received from contractors.

Later on Tuesday, Town Board members approved the transfer of $7,500 from the snow removal budget to the highway budget to pay for the project. 

On Wednesday morning, it was announced that the re-striping will be done Monday, April 30. Old Sound Avenue from Love Lane to Westpahlia Avenue will be closed.

“We’ve seen people pass people on this road because somebody is slowing down and trying to move through with a little bit more caution and somebody, because no cars are parked there, will just blow right around them,” Mr. Richter said. Mr. Ruland said the town’s transportation commission felt the proposed changes were a good immediate response to the problem.

The transportation commission is also proposing that a stop sign be placed at Old Sound Avenue and Westphalia Avenue to help slow traffic and make the roadway safer, Mr. Ruland said. 

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