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Stop sign proposed to slow traffic on Old Sound Avenue

A stop sign is being proposed to help slow down drivers on Old Sound Avenue just past Love Lane in Mattituck.

The town last week restriped a portion of Old Sound Avenue with arrows and delineated parking spaces to make it more apparent to drivers that the road was one-way westbound up to Westphalia Avenue in response to resident’s concerns.

“It’s obvious that the final piece to this puzzle is a stop sign westbound at Westphalia,” Mr. Ruland said at the Tuesday morning at Town Board work session.

In addition, the speed limit on that portion of the roadway needs to be defined with a 30 mph sign, he said. There should also be a “stop sign ahead” sign on Old Sound Avenue because the stop sign will be new to drivers, Mr. Ruland said.

A public hearing must be held on the stop sign placement, the councilman noted. “I think that the intersection, that street and pedestrian safety will be much enhanced if we have a stop sign,” Mr. Ruland said.

Photo caption: Old Sound Ave. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)