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Greenport Planning Board sets public hearings on South Street proposal

The Greenport Planning Board has scheduled a pair of public hearings on proposed retail and residential development along South Street.

Developer James Olinkiewicz is proposing renovations to properties at 110 and 112 South St., across from the IGA, to accommodate mixed-use retail with workforce apartments on the second floor of each building, according to attorney Patricia Moore, who spoke on behalf of the applicant.

At a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting last month, Mr. Olinkiewicz explained that the house at 110 South St. was moved approximately 25 years ago and placed behind the house at 112 South St. It now straddles the rear property line of 112 South St. Since properties in Greenport Village cannot be merged, they have been kept separate, he said.

He plans to construct a dividing wall through the center of the building along the property line, similar to a joined wall that the Greenport movie theater shares with the Menhaden.

At that meeting, the ZBA granted two variances related to Mr. Olinkiewicz’s proposal. The first grants relief from front yard setback requirements to allow a porch at the 110 property that is nine inches too close to the sidewalk. The second allows lot coverage at the 112 property to increase from the permitted 40% to 62%.

An existing parking area with seven spots will remain intact, Ms. Moore told the Planning Board last week.

After receiving the proper ZBA variances, Mr. Olinkiewicz must now earn site-plan approval for the properties. “He’s trying to wrap up this entire project at this point,” Ms. Moore said.

When asked by Planning Board chair Walter Foote what type of retail establishments might open there, Ms. Moore said there are no proposed tenants for either space yet.

The properties are located in the Commercial Retail district.

Public hearings on both properties will be held June 27 at the Planning Board’s combined work session and regular meeting.

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