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Claudio’s pays $3,500 in fines to settle CO violations, noise complaints

The owners of Claudio’s Waterfront in Greenport have agreed to pay an accumulated $3,500 in fines after being ticketed for a series of noise complaints and Certificate of Occupancy violations over the last few months. 

Though Claudio’s owners brought their buildings up to code two months ago when the village Board of Trustees threatened closure if they did not comply with regulations, and though they obtained a valid CO at that time, the appearance tickets were still on the docket.

Twelve tickets were paid last Wednesday at Southold Town Justice Court and three were dismissed.

Greenport Village Code Enforcement Officer Gregory Morris issued the owners one appearance ticket per day from June 28 through July 15, Southold Town Justice Court records showed. In July, Claudio’s attorney Brian DeSesa of Bridgehampton pleaded not guilty on behalf of the owners and requested extra time to review the 10 CO-related appearance tickets given between June 28 and July 7. The business also received an additional eight appearance tickets between July 8 and 15, according to Justice Court documents. That July hearing was adjourned until a date in August which was then again adjourned to last Wednesday, when the judge decided that 12 of the tickets on that morning’s docket would need to be paid.

Nine of the tickets were CO violations and one was an illegal dumping violation. The remaining ones were for CO and noise violations. In total, $3,500 in fines was paid, closing out all of Claudio’s previous appearance tickets.

The complex has a new noise complaint-related appearance ticket issued against them, returnable Sept. 25, according to Southold Town Justice Court representatives.

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