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Following resignation, Greenport Fire Department has new assistant chief

Wayde Manwaring, who has more than 35 years’ experience as a firefighter, was appointed first assistant chief of the Greenport Fire Department following a special board of fire wardens meeting last Wednesday.

The lifelong village resident will finish the term of Susano Jimenez, who resigned Aug. 22.

Mr. Manwaring’s term will conclude April 9, 2020, when the fire department will hold an election.

The decision follows the suspension of former department chief Jeffrey Weingart, who was removed from his position after a July evaluation at the Third Street firehouse by the Public Employees Safety and Health Bureau.

Mr. Manwaring served as chief of the department in 2012, after Kenneth White stepped down from the position. He was also Greenport’s fire chief in 2001 during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and helped with the recovery efforts.

As a firefighter and EMT in Greenport, Mr. Manwaring has also worked as the department’s warden, as well as captain of the rescue squad and water rescue, according to previous reports.

Caption: Mr. Manwaring when he was appointed chief in 2012.

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