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Sailboat sinks off Greenport shore as storm brings strong winds

A Greenport resident captured video Thursday morning of a sailboat sinking in the water off the Sixth Street shore in Greenport.

Enrique Oliva’s video shows the sailboat tipping over on its side as strong winds knocked it under water. The hull of the sailboat was completely submerged, leaving just a bit of the mast showing.

The National Weather Service reported a high wind warning remains in effect until 6 p.m. after a strong storm swept across the area Wednesday night bringing heavy rain and wind. West winds of 20 to 30 mph will continue with gusts of 45 to 60 mph.

Highway Superintendent Vincent Orlando said mid-morning that there were scores of downed trees and limbs across Southold. He said crews were pushing the bigger trees to the side of the road and they will come back tomorrow for the heavier work. He said some town roads had trees across roads, and there were several places were trees had been pushed into power lines.

“We are not touching those,” he said. “We will wait on PSEG to come for that.”

PSEG reported more than 500 Southold Town customers were without power just after noon Thursday. Outages were scattered throughout different hamlets, with the majority centered in New Suffolk. Estimated restoration time was 11 p.m. Friday. More than 1,000 outages were reported across Long Island with nearly 10,000 customers without power.

Friday’s forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and breezy in the morning.

The sailboat on the left before it became submerged. (Credit: Ellen Neff)