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Lloyd Reisenberg elected to Mattituck Park District Board of Commissioners

In a three-way race, Lloyd Reisenberg of Mattituck has been elected to the Mattituck Park District Board of Commissioners.

According to unofficial results, Mr. Reisenberg was the top vote getter in last Thursday’s election with 237 votes.

Challengers Nick Deegan and Derek McLean received 181 and 95 votes, respectively.

Incumbent co-chair Doris McGreevy did not seek a third term in the position.

Mr. Reisenberg, who lives in Laurel, works for Southold Town’s Information Technology department and serves as a coordinator for the emergency management office. He holds a degree in accounting from Quinnipiac University and served as a commissioner of the Mattituck Fire District for 10 years.

“The years I spent with the fire district … you learn a lot,” Mr. Reisenberg said Monday afternoon, explaining his reasoning behind entering the race. “And my knowledge of business in general. If you put it together, I thought there was a lot of value I could add.”

In a letter to the Suffolk Times earlier this month, Mr. Reisenberg wrote that he was “troubled” by recent measures taken by park district officials that effectively restrict access to parks and beaches.

“I intend to work together with the other members of the board to ensure that our families may enjoy fishing the jetty in the evening or viewing the sunset without fear of being locked in at the parking lot of Breakwater Beach,” he wrote in the letter.

Mr. Reisenberg said Monday that his first mission is to learn as much as he can about decisions that have been made.

“I’d like to understand what they’re doing and why, and, if possible, see if we could make it more accessible to the public,” he said.

He will replace Ms. McGreevy in a three-year term starting in January, joining Gerard Goehringer and George Lomaga on the three-member board.

Ms. McGreevy served one term from 2009 to 2011, took a break when her second grandchild was born and returned for a second term in 2017.

She said she’s looking forward to spending more time for herself and with her family.

“It’s a very encompassing position,” she said in an interview Monday. “I found it was very rewarding.”

Ms. McGreevy pointed to several initiatives she helped accomplish during her most recent term, including the installation of security systems and conversion to LED lighting at several district-owned properties and helping to move a proposed solar project forward at Veterans Park.

She also said that as a board member, she helped bring new facilities to Veterans Park, including a renovated bathroom structure that is set to be installed this week.

Ms. McGreevy also said she plans on keeping a close eye on unfinished projects, including the remediation of Wolf Pit Pond.

“These are important decisions for taxpayers,” Ms. McGreevy said. “I felt very good about [the decisions] but at one point, you need a little relief. I’m passing the gauntlet and I know Lloyd will do a great job,” she said.

Established in 1941, the Mattituck Park District covers nine properties in Mattituck — approximately 73 acres of beaches, athletic fields, a boat ramp and nature preserves for the use of Mattituck and Laurel residents.

Mr. Reisenberg said he looks forward to serving the community as a parks district commissioner.

“[All the properties,] need attention. It’s a big effort, and I look forward to assisting and keeping the parks and beaches as beautiful as they are,” he said.

Photo caption: Lloyd Reisenberg pictured at a 2018 Town Board meeting. (Credit: Rachel Siford/file)

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