Our staff’s favorite stories of 2019

The Suffolk Times team reflects on colleagues’ work this year: 

“The October feature on two boys who formed a cross-Sound friendship through a message in a bottle. It’s a simple, yet genuine story that takes you back to your childhood; understanding the sense of adventure, curiosity and excitement when a former stranger responds to a message blindly released to the world.”

Steven Dorney, staff artist

Phillip Sax’s journey sailing around the world that saw him dock in Greenport this summer. I love travel stories and it doesn’t get more adventurous than a long voyage across the ocean alone, which I can’t even comprehend. It takes a certain kind of salt to face changing weather and unforeseen equipment challenges, all without relying on GPS.”

Tara Smith, staff writer

“Sharks on the North Fork! Exciting and scary at the same time. I learned a lot from Chris Paparo’s column about why seeing sharks is actually a good thing. Just don’t watch the ‘Jaws’ movies or you might never go back in the water.”

Lauren Sisson, senior associate editor

“In the wake of a devastating fire at Braun Seafood Co., when a longtime family business suffered, hope abounded in the form of community support for a beloved local treasure.”

Mahreen Khan, staff writer

“I thought it was shocking that after 30 years on the run, one-time North Fork marijuana smuggler Jacob Moritz was caught near the Canadian border. I would assume after being on the run for 30 years, you start to think you’ll never get caught.”

Josh Rubin, sales executive

“I enjoyed the coverage of the car chase that happened back in July; hearing about the chase, seeing the photos of the cars and watching the pieces all come together. To eventually find out who the drivers were, made it a very satisfying and interesting saga to follow.”

Kaitlyn Burke, sales assistant

Anthony Brown waves on traffic on Route 48 Monday. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister)

“The column on Anthony Brown, the road construction worker who spread joy, was my favorite this year. He made my commute so much fun this past summer and how nice to take a break from all the divisiveness to high-five a stranger (no more!) every day.”

Sonja Reinholt Derr, director of sales and marketing

“The story of Sherman Anderson’s ‘daring rescue at sea’ more than 60 years ago was not only an incredible story, but it was also incredibly well told. Its vivid language and imagery really made me feel the harrowing stakes of the rescue and left me in awe of both the power of the seas and the power of human altruism … plus, I like lighthouses.”

Greg Messinger, sales assistant

“The conclusion of Mary Latham’s ‘More Good’ journey. What an amazing example of the difference one woman can make. It tells a story that there is such goodness in the world all you have to do is look for it. I also loved the photos of her homecoming across the causeway!”

Tina Contento, sales executive