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More information sought from developer of affordable apartments in Cutchogue

A developer who plans to convert the Knights of Columbus building on Depot Lane in Cutchogue into affordable apartments may be asked to provide more information before a public hearing is held on rezoning the property.

Plans to convert the 3,900-square-foot building into 16 affordable units were filed last year and would require a change of zone from Residential-80 to the town’s Affordable Housing District. An extension to the rear of the building was also included in the plans, though assistant planning director Mark Terry noted that the applicant has not yet submitted floor plans or building elevations for review.

“The Town Board may want to ask the applicant for a little bit more information on that,” Mr. Terry said at a Town Board work session last Tuesday.

Board member Louisa Evans said that moving forward and granting the change of zone could lead to the developer changing the plan. “They could put up 16 separate units,” she said, which could have a more serious impact on the neighborhood’s character.

Town attorney Bill Duffy said 16 individual units would likely not be allowed on the two-acre property due to lot coverage and density rules, but said the board could potentially approve the change of zone with conditions in place. Those conditions could include requiring the adaptive reuse of the existing building.

Board members agreed that more details are needed and discussed setting a hearing for Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m.

In the meantime, deputy supervisor Jill Doherty said the applicant could provide the board with those details ahead of the hearing. “That gives them more time to get us more information,” Ms. Doherty said.

Even with a change of zone in place, the project would still be subject to full site plan review.