Proposed shops on Pike Street in Mattituck met with some opposition

Residents weighed in on a proposal to add four new shops along Pike Street in Mattituck during a Planning Board hearing last Monday.

Developer Ed Broidy is seeking to construct a 4,500 square-foot building that would host four retail tenants on the property where a two-story home was recently demolished. The site is just east of Goodfood, a commercial property also owned by Mr. Broidy.

The project, which dates back several years, has faced setbacks after a dispute over parking. Mr. Broidy had argued that he should be able to factor municipal spaces into meeting parking requirements, but the Planning Board disagreed.

Current plans for the site include all 24 required parking spots located in the rear of the property.

Parking in the greater Love Lane area was a top issue raised during Monday’s hearing.

Mattituck resident and Mattituck Laurel Civic Association president Anne Smith said parking in the area is already limited and worsened by more people spending time on the North Fork. “We’ve all noticed people starting to park along parts of Pike Street that don’t allow for parking,” she said, urging the board to take that, along with worries about too much asphalt coverage, into consideration.

Mattituck attorney Gail Wickham said that while the parking requirements have been met on paper, many people spill into the municipal parking lots, which have become “overrun.” She said the applicant should consider widening the entrance and exit to their property to prevent further problems.

Ms. Wickham also said she’s disappointed that no affordable apartments were included in the plans. “It might be nice if they would consider reducing the number of retail shops and adding much-needed affordable housing,” she said.

Ms. Smith also said the civic group was concerned about continuity of the building’s design with the surrounding area. “As that area grows around the corner [from Love Lane,] which I think people will enjoy, we’re looking for consistency,” she said.

Laurel-based architect Anthony Portillo explained that the designs utilize a mix of different facade materials including lap siding and brick. The Mattituck native noted that the existing design of shops on Love Lane was considered as the project was developed.

According to Mr. Portillo, the project already has approval from the county health department. The Planning Board is expected to make a determination on the site plan at an upcoming meeting.