New gym opens on Main Road in Mattituck

After moving from Manhasset to his summer home in Westhampton with his family as the pandemic started last year, Paul Neumaier started working out with Jay Schenck and it changed his life. After developing a friendship, Mr. Neumaier and Mr. Schenck are now partners at Body Shok HIIT on Main Road in Mattituck.

The facility opened last Monday, Nov. 29.

“The concept is balance… people go to the gym, and they lift for years and they don’t really achieve the fitness that they’re looking for because they lack the core, the cardio, the functional training,” Mr. Schenck said. “So, we’ve kind of put it all in this big pile and kind of picked out the best parts of each discipline, and just put it all together.”

Body Shok HIIT has personal and group training for weight, core, functional and cardio training. The 2000-square-foot facility is packed with state-of-the-art equipment.. There are three cardio stations, eight to nine strength stations and more.

Mr. Neumaier, who has a fitness background coaching various kids sports teams and a sales background, said the partnership with Mr. Schenck stemmed from a desire to invest locally after working remotely since the pandemic began.

“I’ve been sitting in front of a computer for a long time, and I wanted to invest in something in the community and working with Jay was kind of a natural fit,” he said.

The partners at their new location last week. Credit: Melissa Azofeifa

Mr. Schenck has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. He is from Rhode Island but moved to Southampton in 2016. He has another facility in Westhampton called Body 5 Fitness, but said opening a gym on the North Fork was a different experience entirely. He gushed about the warm welcome he and the business received in the area. He described it as “what can we do for you.”

He used only North Fork businesses to help with any work the building needed before opening. Mr. Neumaier credits their help for having opened the gym in 37 days despite supply shortages.

“If you look at the timeframe that we put it together… everyone kind of pitched in,” Mr. Neumaier said. “Whether it be the painter or the floor guy, they wanted to make it happen for us, so I think that that was key,” he said.

Body Shok HIIT makes it easy to sign up for sessions online with their website. According to Mr. Schenck there’s no paperwork involved, users can do everything from signing up for classes to changing their membership on the site.

“Let’s make it fun, let’s make it consistent and at the very least, let’s get people the result; that’s really what the backbone of this is,” Mr.Shenck said.

Body Shok HIIT is at 13650 Main Road in Mattituck. Their session hours as well as prices are posted on their website,