Partnership with Mollie’s Fund brings new sunscreen dispensers to Southold parks and beaches

In partnership with Southold Town, the Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation, known as Mollie’s Fund, upgraded and installed new sunscreen dispensers in parks and beaches across Southold Town.

The organization, whose goal is to increase awareness for melanoma prevention, originally met with Southold Town Board in 2018 and installed a group of seven to eight dispensers, according to co-founder Jack Biggane.

“So since then, we’ve installed, I believe, 12 sunscreen dispensers at Town of Southold parks and beaches as well as Cutchogue beaches,” he said. “Recently, we’ve installed five or six new ones at the pickleball courts… as well as upgrading in some of the parks where the old units were either damaged or they’re having problems with them.”

The town removes the dispensers in the winter and reinstalls them in the summer. The town also takes care of servicing them, according to Mr. Biggane

The ingredients in the sunscreen are listed near the dispenser so users are aware of any possible allergens. The sunscreen, which is free to visitors, is meant to encourage users to habitually apply it.

“A big thing is changing habits,” Co-founder of Mollies Fund, Maggie Biggane said. “We would like to get sunscreen use as regular as people brushing their teeth.”

In a statement to Mollies Fund, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell shared his support in partnering with them to continue providing preventative measures to residents through this project.

“I am proud that we have the opportunity to partner with Mollies Fund and am very thankful for the important service they provide to the community,” Mr. Russell wrote. “For helping protect the health of our residents, through a project like this, we should all share our deep gratitude for their generosity and their caring.”

The Biggane family started the organization in 2000 when Mollie Biggane, daughter of Mr. and Ms. Biggane, died of skin cancer at the age of 20. Apart from the sunscreen dispensers, the organization also has educational programs with Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital for their nurses and the general public.

The Biggane has a primary residence in Garden City. They have done similar initiatives there and throughout Nassau County. They have a summer home in Southold Town.

“I think it’s especially important for the North Fork,” Ms. Biggane said. “So much leisure time is spent outside of the beaches and in boats,  that [its important] residents and summer visitors protect [their] skin against skin cancer.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the organization Mollies Fund has been paying for the batteries, sunscreen and servicing of the dispensers. Southold Town removes them in the winter and reinstalls them in the summer and services them.

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