Police Blotter: email scams continue

An 84-year-old Mattituck woman told police last Wednesday that she received an email alert concerning two of her bank accounts. The alert told her to call “Robert Miller.” When she did, a man identifying himself as Mr. Miller told her he was a “security agent” and asked for her Social Security number, which she did not give him. The man then told her to take $5,000 from one account and $4,000 from the other, which she did. The man also told the woman to buy gift cards at $500 each, which she did. The woman’s daughter then told her this was a scam. She told police she would redeposit the money in her two accounts.

• Last Wednesday, police responded to a Southold address where an 81-year-old man said he received a call from an unknown person pretending to be his granddaughter, who stated she needed bail money because she had been arrested. An unknown man responded to the residence in a black sedan, said he was a bail bondsman and collected the money. The Southold man paid the man. No amount was specified in the report. An investigation is continuing.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.