Southold Blotter: Police called on owls thought to be trespassers

• On Oct. 11, a Greenport man aboard his boat in Greenport Harbor was approached by an individual with whom he said he has ongoing issues. A verbal argument ensued and the person reportedly shouted, “I’m going to blow your f—ing head off!” at the boater. The boater, who said he did not see any weapons at the scene, went to Southold police headquarters to report the incident. He said he wanted to incident documented and asked about how to get an order of protection in the future. No further action was taken by police.

• A Southold woman reported a Mattituck woman recently mailed a Walmart package to her residence addressed to her ex-husband, who no longer lives at the home. The package included a Philips Norelco hair trimmer/shaver and a hand-written note. 

• A Southold man called police about two individuals talking loudly outside his residence and possibly throwing something at his home. Police found two large owls moving around near his front porch and hooting loudly. 

• A missing person from Port Jefferson was found last Thursday at the Laurel Lake baseball field by Suffolk County police. The man, who has schizophrenia, was reported missing by his father after they got into an argument after him not taking his medication. The man refused medical assistance and said he planned to sleep in his car at the location before taking a ferry to Connecticut. 

• A 24-year-old Shelter Island man was arrested in Greenport Village after a fight outside Brix & Rye restaurant last Friday. He was transported to police headquarters, where he was processed and held for morning arraignment. Through a data check, police found a stay-away order of protection between two individuals involved. 

• Police responded Sunday to a report of a vehicle driving by a town beach in Southold and failing to maintain its lane of travel. The driver, a man from Whitestone, Queens, told officers he was having trouble finding his friend’s house and was paying too much attention to the house numbers. 

• Police stopped a Southold man for an investigation Saturday after he was seen driving a red Mercedes in circles near Anker Restaurant and Bar in Greenport and throwing rocks at an apartment window. He denied the accusations. Police found he was not the registered owner of the vehicle and told him to keep it parked on the street for the night. The person who called police said he believed the man meant to get the attention of his girlfriend in another apartment, but threw rocks at his window instead. The caller said he thought there was a dispute between the two and advised the Southold man to leave the area. Police were unable to locate the girlfriend. 

• A Mattituck man told police his son was playing with his phone and dialed 911 accidentally.

• A Greenport woman reported that a bike was stolen from her his porch last Wednesday morning, , just after midnight. The incident was caught by her Ring camera. The police have no further leads on the subject.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.