05/20/18 6:00am

Rev. Roger Joslin

In recent weeks, those taking note of the American flag truck on County Route 48 that marks the location of Treiber Farms in Southold have likely also seen, just yards away, the Rev. Roger Joslin working with volunteers to create a new garden.

They’re involved in the Common Ground project, building a garden meant to provide locals in need with fresh fruits and vegetables they might not otherwise be able to enjoy. READ

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05/15/18 6:00am

To get an estimate of just how many deer there are roaming from Laurel to Orient Point, Southold Town’s department of public works will be conducting a deer census next month and is calling on volunteers to pitch in. 

The census will also help determine which areas in town need more deer-management efforts.  READ

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05/13/18 6:00am

Volunteer crews have been working by hand to clear new stretches of trail as part of the Bay to Sound Trails project, which aims to create a connected pathway between Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound. 

About half a dozen people worked with Group for the East End on the trail system Saturday, which was “I Love My Park Day.” READ

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05/08/18 3:00pm

A stop sign is being proposed to help slow down drivers on Old Sound Avenue just past Love Lane in Mattituck.

The town last week restriped a portion of Old Sound Avenue with arrows and delineated parking spaces to make it more apparent to drivers that the road was one-way westbound up to Westphalia Avenue in response to resident’s concerns. READ