12/02/18 6:00am
12/02/2018 6:00 AM

In the holiday rankings, Thanksgiving always seems high atop any list. What’s not to love? Endless food, football games all day — and no pressure to buy any gifts. It’s a stress-free holiday (unless you’re in charge of the turkey, in which case, good luck). But if you’re heading to a relative’s house, bringing a pie or bottle of wine covers it. READ

12/24/16 6:01am
12/24/2016 6:01 AM

It’s always a trip, literally and figuratively, to visit my adult kids in California. When we’re together, our conversations gravitate to the “remember whens.” Our individual recollections vacillate widely: joyful, hilarious or downright sad. This visit, we reminisced about “Christmas past” — a season we shared in another time and place, a lifetime ago. READ

12/08/16 5:45am
12/08/2016 5:45 AM

Michael Fedele and Virginia Nolan

About six years ago, Michael Fedele couldn’t shake the image of a grungy and battered Santa Claus from his mind. The character appeared to him every single day for no apparent reason.

But finally, while driving home from work one day, the fictional Santa’s entire story came to him.