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02/25/18 6:00am
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Gladys Randall lived alone in apartment F-55 at Driftwood Cove in Greenport. She was 69 and used a wheelchair. She had no known close ties with family, but a health aide would help her with household tasks throughout the week.

On Feb. 3, 1993, the aide discovered Ms. Randall strangled in her apartment; her purse was found empty in a dumpster nearby.  READ

08/29/14 8:59am
08/29/2014 8:59 AM
Greenport Village Hall

Greenport Village Hall.

Update (11 a.m.): After a brief outage, power has been restored to all areas of the Driftwood Cove apartment complex in Greenport, village officials said.

Original story: Parts of the Driftwood Cove apartment complex in Greenport are expected to be without power until mid-afternoon Friday as village electric crews work on equipment. (more…)

10/12/10 5:40pm
10/12/2010 5:40 PM

A power outage that started Sunday at two units at the Driftwood Cove co—op in Greenport  and continued into the week may be only the latest in a series of problems caused by an overloaded transformer, Greenport utilities director Jack Naylor said in a telephone interview Tuesday.
The transformer in the Driftwood Cove building on Ninth Street at Route 25 may be undersized for today’s power needs, Mr. Naylor said. It was installed in the 1970s when fewer people had air conditioning, he said.
On top of that, “It looks like it wasn’t installed correctly,” he added.
In trying to determine why the transformer blew on Sunday, Mr. Naylor said he’s wondering if it might be the weak link in the village’s power system that has resulted in other brief outages since late summer.
The building where the problem occurred has six units, but only two are occupied this season, Mr. Naylor said.
Because it was a Columbus day weekend, the utilities director said he had been unable to obtain a replacement for the bad transformer. “I’m calling all over Long Island to get a transformer,” he said Tuesday.
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