03/18/19 6:51pm
03/18/2019 6:51 PM

My name is Roger Satnick and I am the owner of Satnick Jewelers. We’re located at 53345 Main Road in Southold, behind Wednesday’s Table.

I’m a third-generation jewelry designer. READ

08/03/18 6:00am
08/03/2018 6:00 AM

Back in January 2017, after 31 years, Robert Scott closed the popular Robert’s Jewelers in Southold’s Feather Hill plaza. Mr. Scott had distinguished himself as a local jeweler with a reputation for integrity, and when he announced his retirement, his customers were unsure where to turn.

Mr. Scott’s work as a jeweler is far from over, however, as he now plans to return to Feather Hill, this time taking a step back from the title role as a consultant for the new Satnick Jewelers. READ