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07/08/2015 6:00 AM
An oak tree on Mill Lane collapsed onto Bill Ruland's rye crop during last week's thunderstorm. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)

An oak tree on Mill Lane collapsed onto Bill Ruland’s rye crop during last week’s thunderstorm. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)

If you’ve driven down Mill Lane anytime in the past few decades, it would have been tough to miss the towering oak tree standing alone over the open rye field. Unfortunately, that’s not what you’ll find today.

The iconic large tree near Mill Lane Farm in Mattituck was almost ripped in half during a thunderstorm last week.

The tree — located on Mill Lane in Mattituck just south of Route 48 — fell due to high winds, said farm owner and Town Board member Bill Ruland.

“It’s been there my whole life,” Mr. Ruland said.

Before falling, the oak likely stood at least 30 feet tall and two to three feet wide. Now, the upper portion has been nearly snapped off and leans against the ground.

“It’s the tree that fell over,” said Greenport photographer Bob McInnis in an email. “It was a real treasure.”

The same storm that killed the tree knocked out power for thousands across the North Fork last week.

The inside of the oak tree was likely rotting, Mr. Ruland said, making it easier for the oak to be knocked down.

While the tree is not technically on his property, its top half fell on a small portion of his rye field. Mr. Ruland started cleaning up the tree’s remnants on Tuesday, but he said it’ll take three to four days to clear the tree away.

“This is just a mess,” he said. “The wind must have been howling.”

He plans to pick up all of the branches and splinters that fell by hand. The central trunk will stay for the time being, he said.

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(Credit: Paul Squire)

These bowls were carved from a fallen elm tree by Greenport resident George Agnew. (Credit: Paul Squire)

In the center of Greenport’s Third Street Park sits a roughly waist-high stump that is several feet wide. A historic elm tree used to stand there before it was torn down by storms over the course of several years and ultimately cut down by the village due to safety concerns in 2012.

A plan to use the wood from the tree for artwork has been “on the back burner” for years, said former mayor David Nyce, who serves on the village’s tree committee.

Now, that long-overdue art project is up and running again. (more…)

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09/13/2013 9:03 AM
CYNDI MURRAY PHOTO | Traffic was being directed around the tree before 9 a.m. Friday.

CYNDI MURRAY PHOTO | Traffic was being directed around the tree before 9 a.m. Friday.

Police were diverting traffic after a tree fell into the roadway in Cutchogue Friday, slowing morning traffic for about 15 minutes for drivers.

The tree fell into the roadway along Main Road near the Mattituck border.

Police were on the scene directing traffic around the tree via the eastbound shouler about 8:45 a.m. Work crews were not yet on the scene.