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  • what’s Clark Kent doing there?

  • The picture on the stairs is OK of Peconic Landing President and CEO Robert J. Syron. But one of of five is not good.

  • you go scott! i am truly impressed. you have come a long way from student council in the 80s. keep up the good work. dont let cardinale corrupt you in mattituck. gee wizz! that benja guy really doesnt like you.

  • your son scott looks just like you minus the fruit punch stain …….

  • i want to “retract” my above comment(after hours of exhaustive research and time) you havent really come a “long way” from student council in the 80s.(well maybe you wear more suits and live in your own house) (refer to HISTORY) you actually still have that “pseudo” pompous attitude(DIDNT YOU ORIGINALLY COME FROM “THE OTHER COUNTY”(or was that the cardinales(you guys(1%ERS) are so “incestuous”.(NOT the sexual context i speak of here)PERHAPS if you didnt close your mind to the comments of BENJA MAYBE YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO BE REDUCED TO SO MUCH ‘personal” ATTACKS. ( poetic justice is a BIT..)peace