07/28/14 1:17pm

Leonard Skuggevik will be named superintendent of the Shelter Island School District, replacing Dr. Michael Hynes, sources say. (Credit: The Suffolk Times, file)

Greenport High School’s principal of the past five years is leaving to head the district on Shelter Island.

Leonard Skuggevik is set to be named to the full-time post of superintendent by the Shelter Island school board, replacing Dr. Michael Hynes, whose resignation from the position was effective last Friday.


07/12/14 2:00pm
Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island. (Credit: file photo)

Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island. (Credit: file photo)

When Eben Fiske Ostby deeded another 141 acres of land, including the Manor House, barns and other buildings, to the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm in June, it was his determination to keep the property from becoming a site for housing development that would trample on its historical significance.  (more…)

07/11/14 10:00am
ELEANOR P. LABROZZI PHOTO | A South Ferry boat crossing the Shelter Island Sound at sunset.

A South Ferry boat crossing the Shelter Island Sound at sunset. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi)

The Suffolk County Legislature voted unanimously to approve funding to dredge the South Ferry channel connecting Shelter Island with North Haven with work expected to be done between October 1 and January.


06/20/14 2:00pm
Meb Keflezighi, who won the Boston Marathon in April, will be running in the  Island's  10K on Saturday. (Credit: courtesy)

Meb Keflezighi, who won the Boston Marathon in April, will be running in the Island’s 10K on Saturday. (Credit: courtesy)

When Mary Ellen Adipietro confirmed that Meb Keflezighi would race in this Saturday’s Shelter Island 10K, it was months before the Olympic medalist became the first American to win the Boston Marathon in April.

His win in Boston only added to his allure, she said. But it was his life story as one of 10 children who travelled from Eritrea, a small East African village, with their parents to eventually settle in California and begin his pursuit of the American dream, that inspired Ms. Adipietro to invite him. (more…)

05/14/14 8:00am
The North Ferry line down Wiggins Street in Greenport. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy, file)

The North Ferry line down Wiggins Street in Greenport. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy, file)

If you’re bound for Shelter Island via the North Ferry in Greenport, sometime this summer, you’ll find a different route — one that’s experimental — but if it works, it’s likely to be solidified for future use. The aim is to end illegal access to the ferry line that frays the nerves of those who correctly use the Wiggins Street entrance to the line.  (more…)

04/17/14 4:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Greenport Village residents could be in for a break on North Ferry fares if the proposal submitted to the Suffolk County Legislature is approved.

Greenport Village residents could be in for a break on North Ferry fares if the proposal submitted to the Suffolk County Legislature is approved. (Credit: file photo)

If the Suffolk County Legislature approves the requested rate hikes for North Ferry, Greenport Village residents will get a break in ticket prices for the trip to Shelter Island.


04/15/14 9:00am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | For the second time in less than two weeks, the North Ferry line stretched down Wiggins Street in Greenport for blocks.

The North Ferry line down Wiggins Street in Greenport. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy, file)

With only six weeks before Memorial Day, the traditional start of the summer season, Greenport Village Mayor David Nyce has been speaking with North Ferry General Manager Bridg Hunt about rerouting ferry lines on the village side.

But don’t expect any major change to take place by the holiday weekend, the mayor said.


01/28/14 11:00am

FILE PHOTO | Drill rigs rusting at Crescent Beach last Autumn during botched efforts to run an electric cable between the North Fork and the Island.

There’s no start date and there might not even be a plan.

The LIPA cable project that ground to a halt after months of missed deadlines, botched work, cost overruns and cheery reports that all was well, is now in the hands of the new power provider, PSEG.

A PSEG spokesman on Monday said he’s not free to discuss in detail the status of the project.

Jeffrey Weir, the director of communications for PSEG, told a Times/Review reporter that PSEG has been evaluating the situation that resulted in the Long Island Power Authority firing its contractor, Bortech, last fall after failure to be able to resolve an equipment breakdown that left the project in limbo.

PSEG took over LIPA on Jan. 1 and received a Jan. 10 letter from Shelter Island Town Supervior Jim Dougherty asking that the project to replace cables damaged during Superstorm Sandy be given a high priority. Previously, town officials had been told plans were in place to return generators to Shelter Island this spring to ensure that, if the remaining cable become inoperable, there would still be electric power.

Mr. Weir said he couldn’t comment further about the plans for the generators being returned to the Island.

“I’m not entirely certain what all progress has been made,” Mr. Weir said. “It’s a complicated situation and they’re working it through,” he said, referring to PSEG officials. “Our main concern is making sure the residents of Shelter Island have reliable and safe power and so whatever it takes to make that happen, we’ll do that.”

While Shelter Islanders have had to worry about sustaining power since the project got under way last spring, residents on both sides of the Harbor have been disturbed by noise and dirt associated with the project that initially was supposed to be completed by Memorial Day last May. Continued problems led to constant delays and just when it finally appeared that completion was in sight at the end of August, a piece of drilling rig broke just 500 feet short of the Greenport side.

By October, LIPA fired Bortech. But word was a new contractor would be hired with work due to begin again in January. LIPA said the delay was, at least in part, linked to the PSEG takeover of operations in January.

Then in December, Mr. Dougherty announced that he had been told by LIPA officials — still in charge until PSEG took over operations January 1 — that no work would begin for months, but that generators would be returned to Shelter Island this spring.

Mr. Dougherty said then he wanted assurances the project would be completed by April 30.


12/11/13 9:00am


While many are turning their attention to completing Christmas shopping in time, there’s another December deadline that looms that has the potential to affect many North Fork homeowners.

A new law requires homeowners re-register for the Basic School Tax Relief exemption by December 31.

Of the town’s eligible residents, 77 percent have re-registered, according to state statistics. But 1,062 homes have yet to apply, the records show.

The easiest way to re-register for a Basic STAR exemption is to file on the Tax Department’s website.

You will need your STAR code to re-register (check your mail from weeks back). If you don’t have the code, you can get it online or by calling the Tax Department at 518-457-2036. You may also call that number to re-register if you prefer not to do so online.

In re-registering, you should have Social Security numbers available for all owners and spouse

The state Department of Taxation and Finance won’t be notifying local assessors about those who have failed to re-register until February 2014, meaning it will be too late to get the exemption for next year.

The reason for the re-filings is a new state law aimed at eliminating fraud, state officials have said. Whether purposely or accidentally, people throughout New York who own multiple homes had registered for multiple STAR exemptions.

But that’s not allowed under the law. A homeowner has to prove primary residence by such documents as vehicle and voter registrations, and it’s up to the local assessor to make a judgment on eligibility.

To be eligible for the Basic STAR exemption, a household must have earned $500,000 or less.

There is no age requirement.

If you have never filed for a STAR exemption and believe you are eligible, you won’t be affected by the re-registration process, but you will need to file a Form RP-425, also available online.

Those 65 or older who receive Enhanced STAR exemptions aren’t required to re-register. Their eligibility is based on age and an annual income of $81,900 or less.

Throughout Long Island, there are 31 percent, or 175,092, who have failed to file, state officials said.