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10/20/2010 3:28 PM |

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO Sign announcing the auction is taped in the window of the now-closed Village Market in Mattituck.

Going, going, mostly gone.
If you always wanted to own a souvenir from your favorite hangout, Mattituck’s now defunct Village Market, you may have missed your chance.
On Monday, an auctioneer from American Assets sold off everything from a walk-in refrigeration unit, a coffee station island and Bunn coffee makers to display cases, cash registers, racks, ceiling fans, cooking equipment and even baskets that once held baked goods.
New owner Michael Avella, who bought the market last month from longtime owner Mike Bourguignon, also owns Love Lane Kitchen next door and plans to open his own specialty food market in the space. He’s keeping a few original items, including a large refrigeration unit to hold bottles and cans. But he has new, modern equipment on order and plans to renovate the space so almost everything had to go, he said.
Mr. Avella admitted disappointment at the small number of bidders — about 10 total — but said that Mattituck was too far from New York City for merchants to travel here and then have to transport whatever they might have bought back to their own stores.
Signs in the window read “Coming Soon — Love Lane Market.” But how soon will depend on how quickly Mr. Avella can spruce up the old digs and get new equipment installed.
“I would love to be open by Christmastime,” he said, “but it’ll be tough.” Nonetheless, he’s not letting go of that goal.
While the new market and Love Lane Kitchen will operate independently, a few items might carry over between the two businesses, Mr. Avella said. Love Lane Market will feature its own homemade sausages and may have homemade pasta. Those could well be offered at the restaurant, too, he said.
As for how much he might net from the auction, he wasn’t optimistic. “I’d be happy if somebody could use the stuff,” he said.
Bidders were to pay for and remove their treasures by Tuesday. Depending on what didn’t sell at the auction, Mr. Avella said he had been offered warehouse space and might try to sell the items on eBay and craigslist.
Mr. Avella couldn’t be reached Tuesday to determine the final receipts from the auction, but there were some items on which no one bid, so there might still be a chance to pick up your own memento of Mattituck’s Village Market.
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  • i swear this whole “love lane market” scenio is too surrreal to me……..LOL……..I AM SURPRIZED THAT 10 SHOWED UP!!!!!! TOO FAR FROM nyc for merchants to come……………boy you are delusionally arrogant(that “pseudo” pompous attitude of the “supervisor”)(AVELLA—do you too want to jump on the “cliff note brigade” and when you grow up be a 1%ER)(if i ever get the opportunity to get my hands on “memento of Mattituck village market(remember in high school going down at “lunchtime” to get your” supersize iced tea” for first class after lunch(if you came back) i will personally give it back to mr bourguignon or someone who wants to keep the history of “hooterville” intact. and i wouldnt charge them either. you should be ASHAMED avella of yourself!!!!!!!!! making a profit off of something you had no part in creating that took years to develop by the sweaty palms of another human being. (REMEMBER SOMETHING WAS SAID LONG AGO ABOUT ALL THIS —–IT IS NOT MONEY THAT IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL but the love of it. NO peace for you…………..

  • mr bourguignon —-i truly hope you werent “run out of town”. i am sorry for your loss (and “hootervilles”) (are you related to chris………….is he your son!?) PEACE

  • MR BOURGUIGNON—-do you remember those “iced teas”(early 80s)…………………