Planning Board approves Mattituck 7-Eleven

12/13/2010 6:29 PM |

SUFFOLK TIMES FILE PHOTO | The former Citgo in Mattituck that will soon become a 7-Eleven.

Mattituck will soon get its first 7-Eleven convenience store, after the Southold Town Planning Board voted unanimously Monday night to approve the project following more than a year of debate.

GAZ Realty, which owns the site at the northeast corner of Factory Avenue and Rt. 25, plans to convert an existing 1,985-square-foot Citgo station and convenience store to a 2,670-square-foot 7-Eleven.

Last year, the project met with much public opposition from opponents of chain stores in Mattituck, but the planning board  was impressed with the owners’ plans to clean up the property and provide better access at the dangerous intersection.

The board accepted the site plan on the condition that the applicants submit a letter from the New York State Department of Transportation stating that the DOT had no objection to the site plan.

“I was gonna vote no at first but looking at the plans this morning, I think they meet all the safety requirements,” said board member Bill Cremers.

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  • Great – another convenient place for kids to hang out all nite…..bring back the bowling alley….

  • Nice way to add some class to the North Fork. Don’t you like going through a door that has markings to measure your height? This will be an enhanced traffic jam/accident producing corner.

  • Maybe they could add some more overhead utility lines to the corner to really dress up the entrance to Mattituck

  • I think the planning board has done a good job in working out the issues of this very tough site plan. From the very beginning both the applicant and the board new this was not going to be an easy issue to tackle. Current Zoning Laws permit the use of the 7-11 so by law they always had the right to exist there. It was the traffic issues that are caused by a very bad design of the Magic Fountain Building and a bad design of truck loading and unloading from the Shopping Center not the addition of a 7-11 on the corner. If we look back at that intersection it has changed from one that we begged the DOT to put a signal there back in the late 1990’s to what it is today. The applicants willingness to give up his property to rework this corner for a safer intersection for all traffic is key to why this works.

    Before you condemn the owners of the property for building what is their right to build by law, please take the time to look at the design and layout of the property that took almost two years and many $10’s of thousands of dollar to the owner and many hours of negociations with the Planning Board.

    I hear from many people how bad the ecomony is and here is a company that is willing to add jobs to our community both in the construction of the building and the opening of the store. And generate taxes to our town. I would say don’t be so quick to critcize. As to the comments of great another place for our kids to hangout. Don’t you think that it is up to the parents of these kid to make sure that doesnot happen? Or maybe the local patrol officer in conjuction with the store owner????

  • Riverhead East. What we need now is a couple of new traffic lights.

  • 1260 names on a Petition Against the 7-11 – Ignored.
    Concerns regarding traffic – Ignored.
    Concerns of small business – Ignored
    Protests and many meetings attended at Town Hall by opponents – Ignored
    Concerns of Unity Baptist Church and other neighbors – Ignored
    This issue will not be ignored in the next local election.
    Art Tillman, Chairman
    Southold Town Democratic Party

  • Time marches on ! My recollection of that corner back in the 60’s was an old time service station run by a young fellow named Armand. Better still I could fill my tank for a couple bucks and get full service too.

  • Please post the names of the politicians who appointed the planning board so we know who to send packing next election day. This was a done deal from the start the entire community voiced their opposition only to be totally ignored. Its time to vote out every person who put this planning board in power!

  • As of today all the people who signed the petion should retain a law firm for a civil suit. The Town , The planning board and the people who appointed them should be sued for every traffic accident at this site and every incident that occurs there.

  • Your life needs improvement if all you can do is complain about a new store.

  • Your post has many inaccuracies and shows an offensive lack of ethics. Your assertion that the only issue that was ever of real concern was the traffic issue shows a complete lack of empathy to the local persons and small businesses that objected to this 7-11 for far more imaginative reasons than the glaring traffic dangers. You show a complete lack of vision of the “magnificent benefit” that would be available to a town that ultimately preserved its small town nautical beauty enough so as to make it a stand out on the East Coast for years and years to come. You laud business taxes as the great generator of funds but have no viable plan for securing funds from anywhere else. What about the untapped resource of second home owners? Oh, I forgot, there’s no law on the books to generate an extra tax from them. Ok, nevermind! So it continues…
    You are pitifully unaware of the unspoken truth of what images a 7-11 conjurs? And what of property values? You cling to the fact that “no law exists” to prevent THAT type of business. Why wasn’t THAT law written into the books and voted on after CVS came plowing through? No law exists because THE TOWN has not written the law! Jeeez, have a little forsight. Be assured, in the years to come Mattituck will rival only Riverhead or perhaps Yonkers would be a better comparison.
    People don’t clammer to visit towns with 7-11s and Walmarts on every corner, instead they will drive right through perhaps only stopping for gas and a slurpie! Congratulations!
    Oh well, at least I know where I can buy crack at midnight.

  • HERE!!!!! HERE!!!!!!! hey j…… where do all the “townies” go now that the bowling alley is gone. i know one place is the “valise” but where else do they “hang” now. did you ever “hang” behind the a&p or the cemetary!?!?!? those were the days(please add a emoticon of a musical note)….peace.

  • you are NOT their constituent(S)……………VOTE OUT RUSSELL……………..(i was born and raised in the town(oops! i mean”hamlet”) of “hooterville” aka mattituck-leaving for university right after high school-never to return (well except to visit grandma)——what i left behind—-and lots of observation(thankx grand admiral thrawn-got to give credit where credit is do) and research has led me to believe that what i left behind are “psuedo” 1%ers who now “RUN THE SHOW” (i say “psuedo” because they came from “hooterville” (well except cardinale and russell) and probably just read the “cliff notes” (now cardinale and russell thats another story—scary) (READ my comment to(“Promoting tourism and business around the north fork”) i am being flagged on every thing i write so be quick. (“counteract 1984 with 1776—alex jones——-ck it out. peace.

  • 7-11 adding jobs to the community? all I know is that four people lost their jobs when the citgo station was forced to close in Feburary 2010 and its been empty ever since. Four jobs lost and zero created.