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  • Of the many speeches and sermons he delivered the “No lie an live forever” was to me the most potent. I do’t think we fully realize what it must have been like to be a black civil rights activist in some parts of the south.


  • John Turner: Sorry to see him leave. Good man. Great lose for the town.

  • So the Reporter thinks this is such an important, breaking news story that they can’t get one fact checked or wait till they have more info before putting this online? A real Newspaper would have contacted Mr. Lechmanski before putting this on their website. There is something very wrong when the local newspapers website is no more acurate, informing or proffesional than your average teenagers Facebook Page.

  • Flycow, you are absolutely right on when you compare this newspaper ‘s web site to a teenager’s Facebook page!

  • Must be run by a 30-something dude or dudette.

  • GGolder/David,

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  • What if 2 people share the same computer? One one voice?

  • Of course there are always exceptions.

    — Grant

  • You don’t deserve an apology, Mr.Lechmanski. You are lying. What you did to those animals was cruel. Who knows how many times you have done it in the past. I commend the person who filed the complaint. This incident was not blatantly mishandled – you blatantly mishandled, mistreated those animals. So don’t pretend you are innocent, and don’t even rant about “defamation of character” because I doubt you have one. Animal cruelty – this is what you committed. And this is the TRUTH.