Neighbors: We don’t want new homes along creek

05/11/2011 7:02 AM |

Neighbors of a proposed five-lot subdivision known as James Creek Landing, south of Johns Road in Mattituck, are worried that the new homes could cause flooding and lead to increased boat congestion in James Creek.

The property, nearly 10 acres adjacent to the creek, is split between two-acre residential and business zoning.

During the Southold Town Planning Board’s public hearing on the subdivision Monday night, Johns Road resident Tina Roache questioned the applicants’ plan to raise the elevation of the houses in the new subdivision, citing the already frequent flooding in the area.

After town planner Mark Terry said the developers are required to raise the grade of the properties in order to build so close to sea level, Ms. Roache responded that she feared the construction would cause more water to be funneled onto her property.

Planning Board members said they would look into her concerns.

Resident Robert Finora, who lives on East Legion Avenue across the creek from the proposed subdivision, said he is afraid a proposed dock on the site plan would be a detriment to the community.

“Every home on that creek with a dock has two boats,” Mr. Finora said. “With five lots and two boats per lot, I think it’s going to create congestion.”

Board members said the dock must win approval from Town Trustees.

Another neighbor, Marcus Mercurio, expressed concerned that while part of the property lies in a two-acre zoning district, four of the five proposed lots are less than one acre and one is under two acres.

The project includes 5.59 acres of preserved open space, which is 60 percent of the upland area, said board members. The houses are to be clustered.

The board closed the hearing but did not vote on the application.

Another public hearing planned for Monday evening, concerning a proposed 27-unit senior condominium complex in Southold, was canceled after the applicant, Garden City law firm Amato & Associates, failed to notify neighbors.

“We had no choice but to cancel,” said Planning Board chairman Martin Sidor. “Any future plans with the property would be subject to a public hearing.”

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  • Unfortunately, neither Walter nor Wooten are viable candidates. Walter’s Crookhaven ties and poor decisions (no bid contracts, Sandmine Mountain, Rothaar) rival Wooten’s misadventures–not showing up for Board meetings because he was at his bus driver job or golfing. And how could you trust a guy with a $40 million budget who took back a $15 a week raise because his wife told him to?

  • Pals or no pals………… is this what we need to have in order to be a supervisor in the Town of Riverhead? Sure, pals help tremendously in any political frenzy and may help to get that pal elected but then there are those who may not be a pal but like the ideas and the stand that a politician takes. Today, in addition to pals, anyone running for a political position needs more than pals. They need a big bankroll. That’s when the pals are needed. Qualifications are not part of the criteria to be elected. A good example of this is our current President. Jim was against the ski mountain when he first ran for councilman. After he was elected, he was in favor of he ski mountain. Isn’t that a reversal of ” he was for it before he was against it” ? We need someone who follows through on campaign promises, not someone who makes empty promises.

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  • >> After town planner Mark Terry said the developers are required to raise the grade of the properties in order to build so close to sea level…

    >> In the wake of the 1937 disaster, some scientists and engineers suggested abandoning lowlands to the rivers, but lawmakers and most residents denounced the idea as defeatist and unpatriotic. It’s an idea we should reconsider, at least in particularly flood-prone places.