Get ready for parking meters in Greenport

06/14/2011 1:18 PM |

Greenport took one step closer to updating its parking regulations Monday evening, with the Village Board voting to bond $100,000 for parking meters, new road striping and signs letting drivers know of the changes.

Greenport took one step closer to updating its parking regulations Monday evening, with the Village Board voting to bond $100,000 for parking meters, new road striping and signs letting drivers know of the changes.

The village had once had parking meters, but they were removed during David Kapell’s tenure as mayor in an attempt to make Greenport more visitor-friendly.

But many people now park on Main and Front streets early in the morning and leave their cars there all day, making parking more difficult for visitors during the swamped summer months. The village has been wrestling with the best way to handle the congestion for more than a year.

On Monday the Village Board set the parking fines at $50 per ticket. Parking fines at fire hydrants and in handicapped spots currently carry $100 fines.

Mayor David Nyce said he hopes to have the meters installed by midsummer.

“I’m hoping for the end of July, but that might be ambitious,” he said.

The village has issued a request for proposals for eight solar-powered electric parking meters. A notice of the bid will appear in this Thursday’s Suffolk Times. The parking meters specified in the bids will allow people to pay by credit card, cash or coins. Bids are due on June 30.

Village Administrator David Abatelli said Tuesday that the meters, which can be used for multiple spaces, will be used on Front and Main streets.

“How they’re used depends on which meters we get,” he said. “We don’t know yet if people will be able to feed the meter all day. We’ll know much better at the end of the month.”

Greenport also plans to enter into an agreement with the Southold Town Police to provide a traffic control officer to enforce the new regulations. Mr. Abatelli said Tuesday that the TCO could begin enforcing parking regulations before the meters are installed if an agreement is reached with the town.

Under the new rules, two-hour parking is permitted on Front Street between Main and Third streets, on Main Street between Center and Front streets and on one side of Third Street between Front and Wiggins streets.

Parking in downtown areas of South and First streets and on Main Street south of Front Street is limited to half an hour.

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  • I think the notion is ridiculous. So we get voted one of the prettiest towns in American and people who want to come see it will have to PAY to do so? Doesn’t sound very welcoming to me.
    FURTHERMORE, people will now park all day in the FREE parking spaces behind the IGA and people who need to go grocery shopping will have to park who knows where. Chances are more than likely that they’ll opt to head west where there are plenty of FREE shopping spaces to park. I think the Village should re-think this idea.

  • yet another thing kapell f#@$ed up now for a reality check we are one of the few villages that does not have meters and believeit or not all (as in every one of them) studies has proven that meters in no way negatively impact on the villages tourism and in fact have actualyincreases tourim as now they will be able to find parking as well as inscentive to the village to finaly inforce local codes another words it slows down the cronick parking problem created by ilegal land lords like kapell and the kaplan market so its about damn time

  • The village should set up toll booths and charge to enter the town.

  • I moved here in 1993, when the Village was not even close to what it has become. Storefronts were empty, ( as in three to four in a row), Genes Dockside in was all but abandoned, and lets just say the “feel” was a tad bit rougher. Parking was a problem then too. We also had meters. My opinion, hire a traffic kid with a marking stick. 15 bucks an hour for 8 hours. They do this in Sag, and i assume other places. We have the rules just enforce what we got. 100k, plus the money to the town. I say no meters right now. Hire a Greenport kid, give him or her a stick with chalk ( 20-30 bucks?), let them stroll the streets, and start writing.

  • I moved here in 1993, the Village was not even close to what it is now, lots of empty storefronts, and the feel was ” rough” for lack of a better word. Parking was a problem then as it is now. Parking will always be a problem. Small village+lots of people will do that. I say, hire a Greenport kid, 15 bucks an hour, a stick and chalk ( 20 bucks?), and enforce what we got, rather than borrow more. If that doesn’t seem to work then go back and revisit the meters.

  • What do the shop keepers think. Port Jefferson did this and sales went down. Please re think your stupid idea. B Carlo Greenport resident.

  • Talk about moving backwards. DUMBEST idea yet! All you are doing is telling people they are not welcome in out town and they should shop in Riverhead, which they will do especially once they get a 50 dollar ticket. You need to RE-THINK or actually maybe just THINK this through. How about one of your Public Hearings, MR MAYOR, let the PEOPLE SPEAK, hasn’t this been your mantra? The Village is packed tops 90 days a year, guess who going to be penalized the rest of the year TAXPAYERS! Unless you are going to offer Resident parking permits that excludes TAXPAYERS from METER FEES AND FINES , this BITES and people are pissed.

  • I hear that the main reason for meters is that shop keepers park outside their shops all day taking up spots for shoppers. So why are we spending 100 grand to control a handful of shopkeepers, who by the way, generally don’t live in Greenport? Why not use a Brownie to mark tires and then ticket or create a shopkeepers parking area. To penalized an entire community and send a negative message to our visitors is the wrong way to go. I got a ticket in Port Jeff in the middle of the week in an empty parking lot and guess what, I won’t go back!