Blotter: Phys Ed teacher charged with BWI

07/13/2011 8:30 AM |

A Southold boater stopped Saturday night for insufficient navigation lights was later charged with boating while intoxicated, according to Southold Town Police.

Craig Osmer, 55, was arrested at Albertson’s Marina in Southold at about 10:45 p.m., police said. He was held overnight and is scheduled to return to court on July 22. Mr. Osmer is a physical education teacher at Oysterponds School in Orient and a former Greenport boys varsity soccer coach.

• Cutchogue Fire Department responded to a fire in the basement of a building at the North Fork Country Club in Cutchogue on the morning of July 8. Southold Police said that a dryer in the basement had caught on fire and was extinguished by workers at the country club.

• Two flowerpots were reported stolen from in front of a Route 25, Peconic flower shop on July 5.

• A Main Street, Greenport resident reported that a blue and gray mountain bike that had been chained to the house’s porch was stolen sometime between July 5 and July 6.

• A Route 25, Southold resident reported on June 29 that someone had reportedly shot at her house with a BB gun on May 25. She simply wanted to document the incident, according to police.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.



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  • I missed the part of the article that said the Oysterponds School Board has released Mr. Osmer from his duties at the school. How can we allow a this man to continue to teach our children when he can’t even keep himself in line. He was operating his boat on a Saturday night drunk without lights on. Is this really the coach, teacher, and role model we want for our youth? I just did a little research and this guy is the journeyman of soccer coaches…he’s coached at Shelter Island, Southold, Greenport, and Mattituck….and a big reason he got those jobs….his father Rich held the position at Southold for 24 years. I think it’s time for a change again.

  • First off, I find it funny how much “research” has been done on this topic considering how comments have failed to mention how much good mr. osmer has done for both Oysterponds and the north fork in general. #2 I find it funny that people attack a person when a. they weren’t there when the situation took place and b. they don’t have anything better to do than search the news for “intoxicated boaters” For a man who has taught so many years and given so much to his community, I understand he has made a mistake. But as far as i’m concerned, as human beings we all make mistakes. If you want to know how much mr. osmer means to the community, why don’t you ask the children he teaches, i’m sure they can give a good response about their favorite teacher, coach, and friend.

  • As a publicly employed individual and as a mentor of young people I hold him to a higher standard. He is supposed to be a a role model for our children, and now he has made a “mistake” that is serious enough to hold the possability of jail time. There is no excuse. Furthermore, each year as a coach he asks his players to sign a pledge that they will not participate in activities that could jeopardize the success and health of the team. This includes consuming alcohol and using drugs. How can he accept these pledges if he himself cannot uphold the standard. I am concerned less with his history and more with his future.

  • One should review the information they post considering mr osmer hasn’t been coaching for awhile now. So opinions made relating to his coaching years Is a bit irrelevant. I do understand concerns for the future but I really doubt a boating incident is going to corrupt the experienced teacher in his daily life and work. I think people should be worrying a lot more about other criminals at large rather than focusing on the dangers of boating. I think we should respect that mr osmer is dealing with this situation in the best way that he can and not reprimand him for something he clearly knows was a mistake. As well as respect his family. and just another point the night of the incident happened to be a night of fireworks out on the water. Plenty of boats were out there that night. I wonder how safe they were after their boat parties

  • The reason Mr. Osmer got the jobs you refer to NFresident, is because he went to college and worked hard to get them AND to keep them, as did his father and other members of his family. You can hold anyone you want to a higher standard but at the end of the day we are ALL human and yes we ALL make mistakes or choices we wish we hadn’t. Besides, you can’t believe everything you read. Unless you were there when the incident happened you don’t have all the details.

  • alalalalaalla is right. Get off your high horse Nfresident. I’m sure your time will come soon where you get busted for something. Usually do-gooders like you get theirs in the end. Just ask all the politicians and religious leaders who have no tolerance for anyone else’s predicaments but will cry when they get caught themselves. Did he or his Dad not play you or your kid enough when he coached? Sounds like you have an axe to grind. I sub at Oyster Ponds as well as Shelter Island and both Craig and his brother Rick are loved and respected by the kids they teach. I’m sure Mr. Osmer will use it as a teaching tool somewhere down the line that will benefit many people. In the meantime, get over yourself.

  • The last paragraph of the article reads:

    “Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.”

    Perhaps we should withhold judgement until Mr. Osmer receives his day in court. In our great country, we consider people innocent until they are proven guilty.

  • It is abhorrent that the S.T. has included Mr. Osmer’s profession in the police blotter. No other person having been charged with a crime has ever had their profession or personal information shared. In addition to a criminal lawyer, I hope Mr. Osmer hires a civil attorney.

  • Mr Osmer is a public employee that teaches our children…he made a very serious mistake and should face the consequences. there is no way he should be allowed to keep his job.

  • How can the ST pick and choose what information they decide to include on these reports? What is fair for one should be fair for all. I cannot EVER recall the profession/occupation of the accused being mentioned. Is this a new policy? Because there have been others accused of similar charges since and their place of employment was not mentioned. I understand that Mr. Osmer is a teacher, but there have been incidents before of others and they never even made the paper. If this is a new policy, why is it not consistent? Also, everyone makes mistakes. I do not know the details, and unless you do I think you should reserve harsh judgement unless you are perfect. One never knows what the future has in store for those who are so sanctimonious and quick to judge…just look at the news.

  • How can the ST pick and choose what information they decide to include on these reports? What is fair for one should be fair for all. I cannot recall the profession/occupation of the accused ever being mentioned before. There have been similar incidents after and no mention was made of the accused profession. In fact, sometimes incidents never make the paper at all. We do not know all the details and judgement should be reserved until we do. Those who judge so harshly should perhaps realize that everyone makes mistakes, and hope that they never do.