VIDEO: Grammy-nominated band headlines fundraiser on Shelter Island

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO |  Lost Bayou Ramblers performed at The Pleasure Lounge last Friday night.

The Grammy-nominated band Lost Bayou Ramblers, led by Louisiana brothers Andre and Louis Michot, performed at The Pleasure Lounge Friday night on Shelter Island as part of a fundraiser for the Island Gift of Life Foundation.

The Shelter Island-based organization helps provide health care to those in need across the North and South Forks.

Lost Bayou Ramblers headlined the event, which netted the organization $1,100 after expenses. Lost Bayou Ramblers were nominated for a Grammy for their fourth album, “Live A La Blue Moon,” and are currently promoting their sixth album, “Mammoth Waltz.”

Watch a video of part of their performance below.