North Fork student business competition winners

COURTESY PHOTO | Mattituck-Cutchogue High School students last Wednesday at the regional DECA competition at Suffolk County Community College in Selden.

Dozens of high school students won top awards at last Wednesday’s DECA contest at Suffolk County Community College in Selden and are now preparing for the state competition.

Over 1,700 students from 28 high schools competed in the Jan. 9 regional competition. The Distributive Education Club of America, known as DECA, is a national organization that promotes business and marketing skills among high school and college.

The winners now qualify to compete in the State Competitive Conference on March 5 to 8 in Rochester.

Here’s a rundown the top awards:

Mattituck-Cutchogue High School

DECA advisor: Lu Anne Nappe

– Meghan Daly and Clay Davis, Marketing Communications, 1st place.
-Steven Baird, Automotive Services Marketing, 1st place.
-Mally Fogarty, Quick Serve Restaurant Management, 1st place.
-Emily Ciamaricone, Public Service Broadcast Advertising (TV ad), 1st place.
-Brette Rosen, Public Speaking (prepared), 2nd place.
-Abigail Terry, Job Interview, 3rd place.
-Nick Vitolano, Principles of Hospitality & Tourism.
-Sarah Fogarty, Principles of Marketing.
-Jake Nolan and Christian Montgomery, Business Law & Ethics.
-Riley Savercool and Jacob Branker    , Buying & Merchandising.
-Kaylee Bergen and Courtney Murphy, Travel & Tourism.
-Madison Kent, Apparel & Accessories Marketing.
-James Nish, Business Services.
-Amanda Gatz and Caitlin Penny, Food Marketing.
-Thomas Behr and Kevin Schwartz, Hotel & Lodging Management.
-Tristan Keil, Human Resources Management.
-Kyle Freudenberg, Marketing Management.
-Katherine Freudenberg and Christopher Mauceri, Restaurant & Food Services Management.
-Caroline Keil, Retail Merchandising.
-Maisy Claudio, Job Interview.
-Tori Ireland, Sales Demonstration.
-Kevin Williams, Wholesale Selling.
-Natasha Vande Wetering, Visual Advertising.

Greenport High School

DECA advisors: Yvonne Lieblein and Martha Tuthill

-Irene Raptopoulous, Public Service Visual Advertising (billboard ad), 1st place.
-Dory Lieblein, Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, 2nd place.
-Daniel Bunchuck, Automotive Services Marketing.
-Gavin Dibble, Automotive Services Marketing.
-Megan Demarest, Business Services Marketing.
-Cole Mezynieski, Retail Merchandising.
-Brandi Gonzalez, Decision Making Human Resources.
-Brian Tuthill, Job Interview.
-Catie Creedon, Public Speaking Extemporaneous.
-Elizabeth Powe, Public Speaking Extemporaneous.
-Schuyler Gillispie, Public Speaking (prepared).
-Jasmine Fell, Sales Demonstration.
-Alexis Wachtel, Broadcast Advertising (radio).
-Samantha  Henry, Principles of Hospitality & Tourism.
-Emma Marshall, Principles of Marketing.

Southold High School

DECA advisor: Kathy Williams

-Will Tondo, Wholesale Selling, 1st place.
-William, Bucci, Principles of Finance, 1st place.
-Jackie Davey, Sales Demonstration, 2nd place.
-Sean O’Donnell, Wholesale Selling, 2nd place.
-Greg Quist, Business Management & Administration.
-Jack Dunne, Business Management & Administration.
-Aidan Walker, Business Management & Administration.
-Julia Saccamano, Principles of Marketing.
-Emily Pressler, Principles of Marketing.
-Justina  Babcock, Buying & Merchandising (team).
-Abby Sharadin, Buying & Merchandising (team).
-Sydney Campbell, Apparel & Accessories.
-Brian Hallock, Business Services Marketing.
-Reese Dunne, Hotel & Lodging Management.
-Jessica Rizzo, Quick Serve Restaurant.
-Christian Winkler, Restaurant & Food Service Management.
-Hannah Matthaei, Decision Making (Human Resources).
-Erica Bufkins, Decision Making (Human Resources).
-Jackie Ruggles, Decision Making (Marketing).
-Halle Murphy, Job Interview.
-Preston Jolliver, Public Speaking (extemporaneous).
-Garrett  DeFriest, Public Speaking (extemporaneous).
-Leah  Lafreniere, Public Speaking (prepared).
-David  O’Day, Public Speaking (prepared).
-Melissa Rogers, Sales Demonstration
-Evan  Miller, Broadcast Advertising
-Rob Melly, Broadcast Advertising
-Grace O’Donnell, Public Service (broadcast advertising).
-Shannon Quinn, Public Service (visual advertising).
-Carley Staples, Visual Advertising.