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06/18/19 8:13pm
06/18/2019 8:13 PM

The Southold Town Board on Tuesday approved a request for proposals for a major recreational facility on town-owned property in Peconic.

Officials hope to see the property developed to fill a void in community recreation while locating the facility near Cochran and Tasker parks.  (more…)

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09/11/18 8:27pm
09/11/2018 8:27 PM

A vase wrapped in ribbon and filled with white roses rested on two laminated pieces of paper at the 9/11 memorial at Cochran Park in Peconic Tuesday.

One paper featured a hand-written note. READ

04/02/18 7:00pm
04/02/2018 7:00 PM

My name is Todd Davey. I own North Fork Garage out here in Peconic.

It’s a little hectic. It’s the process of getting the cars inside the building, figuring out what it needs, putting a bill together, or an estimate, and then selling the job, getting the parts and then trying to fix it. Hopefully we get the diagnosis correct on the first go; in most cases we do.  READ

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03/22/18 6:00am
03/22/2018 6:00 AM

The Southold Town Board approved a bond resolution last Wednesday with an eye toward acquiring a 10.4-acre parcel in Peconic for a town recreational use — or as a potential site for the Sports East athletic facility, Supervisor Scott Russell confirmed Tuesday. READ

12/09/17 12:00pm
12/09/2017 12:00 PM

Work on switches at the Long Island Rail Road crossing at Peconic Lane in Peconic will change train schedules between Greenport and Ronkonkoma on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Four eastbound trains and four westbound trains between Ronkonkoma and Greenport will be canceled on Dec. 12 and bus service will be provided to accommodate travelers between Greenport, Southold, Mattituck, Riverhead, Yaphank and Medford, connecting them to regular service between Ronkonkoma and Penn Station. Regular service will resume Wednesday, Dec. 13.

The single, main track will be taken out of service after 6:59 a.m., when the 5:30 train from Greenport to Ronkonkoma arrives.

Canceled eastbound trains include the 7:30 a.m. 12:42 p.m. and 6:53 p.m. departures from Ronkonkoma to Greenport; as well as the 5:21 p.m. train from Ronkonkoma to Yaphank, according to a press release from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Passengers will board buses at Ronkonkoma and should expect up to 18 minutes of additional travel time, the MTA said.

Tuesday’s canceled westbound trains include the 9:43 a.m., 2:43 p.m., and 9:39 p.m. departures from Greenport to Ronkonkoma; as well as the 6 p.m. from Yaphank to Ronkonkoma. Westbound customers at Greenport, Yaphank or Medford stations will board buses up to 18 minutes earlier than their normal train time in order to arrive at Ronkonkoma in time for westbound trains.

Replacing the switches is supposed to improve the service and reliability along the main line stretch between Ronkonkoma and Greenport, according to the MTA.

A special timetable can be found here.

Photo caption: Trains are canceled due to work at the rail road crossing on Peconic Lane in Peconic. (Credit: Taylor K. Vecsey)