Report: Big jump in state aid for North Fork schools

FILE PHOTO | Local school districts are expected to receive restored state aid next year.

Although Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $146.6 billion budget released in January cut state aid to each school district in Southold Town, the funds have tentatively been restored as the state Legislature continues to finalize the 2013-14 spending plan.

According to a new state aid report, local schools will receive $514,758 collectively more in aid next year.

The state Legislature is expected to approve its budget by the April 1 deadline.

Here’s a comparison of the governor’s proposed budget and the tentative agreement, both comparing state aid projected in the 2014-13 to the current fiscal year. These figures include aid received for building projects.


Governor’s proposed budget: $1,397,952, down 11.99 percent.

Tentative agreement: $1,689,213, up 6.55 percent.


Governor’s proposed budget: $1,123,353, down 0.87 percent.

Tentative agreement: $1,303,828, up 15.06 percent.


Governor’s proposed budget: $2,216,902, down 10.05 percent.

Tentative agreement: $2,667,380, up 8.22 percent.


Governor’s proposed budget, $245,085, down 20.10 percent.

Tentative agreement:  $344,362, up 12.26 percent.

Shelter island

Governor’s proposed budget: $405,473, down 17.19 percent.

Tentative agreement: $521,730, up 15.69 percent.