Election 2013: Meet Your Candidates for Highway Superintendent

Town Highway Superintendent candidates Vincent M. Orlando (left) and Eugene L. Wesnofske.

Four-year term, one open seat
Salary: $100,857

Vincent M. Orlando
Hamlet: Southold
Occupation: Community volunteer
Party lines: Republican, Independence

About him: Mr. Orlando, 52, grew up in Miller Place. His father worked in the Brookhaven Town Highway Department and was also a Long Island Sound lobsterman. Mr. Orlando is married with two children and has lived in Southold Town for more than 20 years. His community volunteer work includes serving as the Southold Town parks and recreation committee chairman, a member of the Southold Town’s renewable energy committee and a CAST volunteer. He has also served on the Southold Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals and was a Southold Town councilman from 2007 to 2011, before not seeking re-election.

His pitch: Mr. Orlando believes a combination of practical and theoretical skills is the best approach to finding long-term solutions in the highway department. He also believes the current staff’s talent has been under-utilized and plans to better tap into individual laborers’ skills to create a more efficient department.

In his words: “Through my leadership, I will reduce duplication of services and improve preventive maintenance of our equipment and our infrastructure.”


Eugene L. Wesnofske

Hamlet: Cutchogue

Occupation: Auto mechanic, farmer

Party line: Democratic

About him: Mr. Wesnofske, 32, is a Southold Town native who grew up on his family farm in Peconic, where he continues to help out. He’s also worked at Wheeler’s Garage in Southold for 12 years. Mr. Wesnofske is a member of the Long Island Antique Power Association.

His pitch: Mr. Wesnofske said he believes he’s qualified for the highway superintendent position because of his farming experience. On the farm, he said, he learned about planning, marketing, bookkeeping, supervising of employees and the mechanics of different equipment. During the off-season, Mr. Wesnofske said he also plows snow and does tree work.

In his words: “I am comfortable with myself and my skills and I know that I am capable of doing what I have been called upon to do.”