Police investigate possible third car in fatal Laurel crash

RACHEL YOUNG PHOTO | Police investigate the scene of a fatal accident Thursday morning in Laurel.
Police investigate the scene of the fatal accident Jan. 16 in Laurel. (Credit: Rachel Young, file)

Police say vehicle paint particles found on a Jamesport man who was hit by cars and found dead in January indicate a third vehicle — possibly the one that took his life — might have been involved.

The drivers of a car and SUV that hit James Callaghan stayed on scene that foggy Jan. 16 morning, and told police the victim was lying in the roadway when they struck him on Main Road in Laurel.

They are not suspects in Mr. Callaghan’s death, police said.

On Thursday, investigators revealed that “blue metallic and clear coat finish particles were removed Callaghan’s clothing,” according to a release from Suffolk County Crime Stoppers, which is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Police also said it’s still possible Mr. Callaghan suffered from a medical emergency before the blue vehicle hit him and fled the scene — if there even was a third vehicle.

Detective Sergeant John Sinning said the paint particles were discovered through a lab. He described them as “almost microscopic,” and not enough to determine a model or make of the possible car.

Sgt. Sinning also said there’s the possibility Mr. Callaghan picked up the particles from the roadway and there is no third car; but they are investigating the third-car theory.

Autopsy results that might indicate a medical incident were not available to Sgt. Sinning on Thursday for comment.

Anyone with information is asked to call (800) 220-TIPS or Southold police at (631) 765-2600.

Calls will be kept confidential.

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