Town considering new recycling program

Town is looking into single-stream recycling method. (Cyndi Murray file photo)
Southold Town is looking into single-stream recycling method. (Credit: Cyndi Murray, file)

A new recycling system in Southold Town would allow residents to combine paper, plastic and metal recyclables for an easier, more cost effective program.

The Town Board discussed changing to a single-stream recycling program during its work session Tuesday. Residents currently must separate recyclables. Officials hope a simpler method that eliminates sorting would encourage more people to recycle.

“Anything thing we can do to make recycling easier is a benefit,” Supervisor Scott Russell said after the meeting.  “Southold already has a stellar reputation for recycling and this would just improve upon that.”

Single-stream recycling, which could be in place in Southold as early as June, could save the town roughly $25,000 annually, solid waster coordinator Jim Bunchuck said. The new system would generate $15 for every ton of material recycled through the sale of the material compared to the traditional method, he said.

“Communities that have switched to single-stream recycling have seen increased recycling rates and significant savings in waste management budgets,” Mr. Bunchuck said after the meeting. “By making it easier for people to recycle through single-stream, Southold will recycle more while saving $25,000 in its solid waste budget.”

If the board chooses to move forward with the plan, the Town would negotiate an agreement with Brookhaven Town for use of its newly constructed solid waste facility that opened in January, Mr. Bunchuck said.

Southold residents would still be able to bring their recyclables to the Cutchogue Transfer Station for processing free of charge.

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