Husband’s death leaves former cashier widowed, caring for baby

Miriam Moysen with her late husband Bulmaro Dominguez soon after the birth of their first child, Pablo. (Credit: Courtesy Photo)
Miriam Moysen with her late husband Bulmaro Dominguez soon after the birth of their first child, Pablo, last year. (Credit: Courtesy Photo)

She’s a familiar face at the Southold IGA Supermarket, where for seven years she’s helped shoppers from the community find necessities, cash in coupons and bag up their goods.

Her name is Miriam Moysen, 38, and now she is in need of help from the community. 

On June 28, Ms. Moysen unexpectedly lost her husband, Bulmaro Dominguez, 42, after he suffered a heart attack in their Jamesport home.

The new mother of a baby boy named Pablo, she had taken off in recent months to raise their 11-month-old son — but is now a single mother left to provide for her family, including the cost of funeral arrangements for her husband, she said.

“He was the only one bringing the money home,” she said of the time since she started staying home with the baby. “I am going back to work. All of the expenses, I have now been left with.”

Ms. Moysen is seeking help with covering the cost of sending her husband’s body home to his family in Mexico, so “his parents could see him one last time.”

She has taken out loans to cover his transport — amounting to over $5,000 — and has started a Go Fund Me online campaign to raise money to cover the cost of the loans.

As of Monday afternoon, 22 people had donated a total of $1,000 toward her $5,000 goal, according to the page.

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Mr. Dominguez worked as a cook at The Crazy Fork Restaurant in Mattituck, and though the couple has lived in Jamesport for the past four years, she said they both enjoyed working in places to the east.

“He was a great friend, as anybody can tell you,” she said. “He was a really big Mets baseball fan, and we were always together.”

Tanya McDowell, a manager at The Crazy Fork, said Mr. Dominguez had worked as a chef at a number of different restaurants over the years, and that he, too, is well known in the community.

“He was great to work with,” she said. “The last I saw he was running home to see his baby. That was his world.”

Ms. Moysen said they both came to the U.S. about 13 years ago, finding one another soon after.

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