Featured Letter: Use some common sense when planning events

Beer being poured at last week's festival. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
Beer being poured at last week’s festival. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

To the editor:

We wanted to share some thoughts about the recent festival. It is always a great idea to celebrate, as with the craft beer festival this past weekend. We have lived next door to the Peconic Bay Winery property for 14 years and have never had any negative issues with the numerous events [that have] taken place there. 

But on Saturday, dusty dirt from the tour buses, limos and cars driving and parking in the field covered every surface in our home, inside and out. Floors, furniture, windows, curtains, etc. Our home has never been so dirty!

Simple measures could have been taken to avoid this, like the field being sprayed down with water, as previous events have done, or people could have driven and parked in other areas. They do have about 30 acres to use! Southold Town should consider requiring this when granting future permits. We are waiting for a response from Starfish Junction Events, but we sure would have appreciated more common sense when planning this event.

Maria and Bill Golde, Cutchogue