Featured Letter: Proud to call the North Fork home

To the editor:

Graduating in a class of 131 students and knowing every single one of their names always drew attention to me when I traveled elsewhere and told people. No one could fathom the fact that I not only had that few but also knew each one so personally. The next thing that shocked people was when they found out I knew every teacher and each of those teachers knew every student’s name.

The joke always became that I grew up in the middle of nowhere surround by corn and potatoes. As time has gone on and I have met many people from all different size schools, I realized I would never change it for the world.

Last week, when I saw the article about the teachers in Cutchogue East retiring and spending their last day riding a bike down the hallway or walking away at the age of 80, leaving the impact of the hundreds of students they came across, I couldn’t help myself but smile and forward the article to every person I knew far and near to show them this is why I am proud of where I am from. This is why I will always support my small town and loving community.

This is where I was raised and I’m proud of it.

Molly Waitz, Mattituck