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Claudio’s to lease dock space to Strong’s Marine this summer

They’ll be selling more than clams and seafood at Claudio’s this summer.

The popular 146-year-old restaurant will be leasing space on its dock to Strong’s Marine for the second consecutive summer, according to owner Jan Claudio, who spoke before the Greenport Village Planning Board about the proposal last Thursday.

“Last year, we positioned some boats on the western northern corner of our property,” Ms. Claudio said. “There were no more than four boats at any one time. It was space leased to Strong’s Marine. It was kind of an added activity for the waterfront.”

She said they plan to do so again this summer from Memorial Day through the Maritime Festival weekend in September.

The boats are all new and most of the sales are finalized at Strong’s property, she said.

“It’s just a way to show boats in the water for Strong’s in a kind of populated area,” she said. “For us, it’s a way to increase the activity on the property.”

Usually, only one or two Strong’s employees are on site, she said.

The proposal came before the Planning Board for what’s known as a “use evaluation,” although the applications states that boat sales is a permitted use under the property’s Commercial Retail zoning.

The proposal faced no objections at the hearing.

“To me, it seems to be fitting the character of the building,” Planning Board chairman Devin McMahon said.

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