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Featured Letter: Listen to Trump to hear his real message

To the editor:

Lee Zeldin is just fine and your editorial stinks. You castigate Donald Trump as a racist, but you only refer to unfounded charges of racism made against him.

If you actually looked into what Mr. Trump himself has said (as opposed to what others say he said), he has never made any racist remark or advocated policies based on race alone. Your editorial fails to show him as a racist because, in fact, he is not.

The national media has been having a field day criticizing Trump for his common-sense stance on cracking down on illegal immigration. This has been handily misconstrued into a racist diatribe against “Mexicans” or other immigrants. Trump has made it clear that we have to control our borders and keep people out who would wish to do us harm. This has been practiced by prior presidents: President Eisenhower deported 3 million illegals and President Carter specifically forbid certain Iranian nationals from entering the U.S.

Your racism charges are baseless, and for you to publish an editorial founded on other people’s false charges shows you don’t really care about the facts. You hate Trump, your sneering condescending brethren in the media hate Trump, and you’re content to publish falsehoods about him instead of reading what he has actually said.

You have just given a primer on how the liberal media will stoop to any slur against someone they don’t happen to agree with. I thought you folks at The Suffolk Times had at least some journalistic integrity. Like the rest of the liberal press, you don’t.

Don Rose, Orient