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North Fork osprey, Gracie, lays first egg of 2017: See the video

Perched high on a nest overlooking Peconic Bay in East Marion, Gracie — a North Fork osprey — laid her first egg of the year Friday morning.

The osprey, which viewers have watched live on a video stream called ospreyzone.com, has been a North Fork staple along with her partner, George. On the website, followers were placing guesses on when Gracie would lay her first egg.

It turned out to be just after 10:30 a.m. today.

In the livestream video above, viewers can scroll back to see the moment at about 10:36 a.m. (The livestream can go back four hours at a time).

The osprey couple have been shown on the feed since 2015. More than 21,000 comments have been posted on the website since it launched. The osprey cam made headlines in 2015 when PSEG LI and a wildfire rescue specialist worked together to rescue a chick which had fishing line wrapped around its leg.