Let’s Look Back: East End Seaport Museum opened its doors 25 years ago

August 12, 1993

The East End Seaport Maritime Museum will open its doors in Greenport Aug. 22 with the debut of a permanent exhibit. 

“The disappearing fisheries,” has been designed to explore the fisheries of eastern Long Island from both historical and ecological perspectives, and educate visitors about the natural and commercial history of fishing on the East End.

Aug. 10, 1978

Greenport is making its case for why it should be be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

After a year’s work of filling out a mind boggling mountain of forms, preparing streetscapes and area maps and taking careful photographs of historic structures, the Cultural Resource Center in Greenport is getting ready to present its case to the state for Greenport to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Aug. 16, 1968

The Greenport school budget has been defeated for the third time this year.

With an all-time record vote of 832, the proposed budget for the Greenport school district for the 1968-69 school year totaling $1,291,122 was defeated again by a total of 190 votes.

As a result the school district will be forced to operate under an austerity budget for the ensuing year.

Aug. 7, 1953

Another important ferry link connecting Eastern Long Island with the Connecticut mainland will become a reality this weekend.

The new route, which will connect East Marion, L.I. and Old Saybrook, Conn. will start its regularly scheduled service Sunday, Aug. 9.

Aug. 12, 1943

Two dozen Westchester County high school girls who enlisted in the Farm Cadet Victory Corps have come to the area to pick potatoes.

They are each individually picking 80 to 100 bushels of potatoes a day.

Farmers like the work the girls are doing and show their appreciation by providing them with ice cream and cold drinks at lunch time.

The girls are housed at the Daniel Brown cabins in East Marion, a most attractive center. The girls have made splendid progress in learning how to do farm work and farmers express the hope they will be available again next year.

Aug. 10, 1928

The general opinion of those present at the annual meeting of the Greenport Union School District, held in the High School auditorium on Tuesday evening, according to the vote taken, was that a new school unit on an entirely new site was the most feasible plan of meeting with the requirements of the State Department, which has condemned three of the present school buildings.

Aug. 10, 1878

Within the past two weeks,  Mr. Moses Terry of Bayview has lost three extra cows and has another one sick. The disease affecting them has been termed pleuro-pneumonia.

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