The Work We Do: Rick Hall, Hall Chiropractic

I’m Rick Hall. I’m a chiropractor. I was the North Fork’s first full-time chiropractor.

Valentines Day of 1980 was my first day, so I’ve been here for almost 39 years now and still loving every minute of it.

Unfortunately, people often think of chiropractic for relief only, like oh, I have a backache, my head is hurting today and they want relief, but the key is to educate people.

So, chiropractic’s two-fold benefits are that not only mechanically you’re better, your back, hips, neck, knees all work better because they’re more balanced and they’re moving. There are 300 joints in the body, and joints’ purpose is to move. But chiropractic’s greater benefits is on the nervous system and that’s how it can affect people with stomach problems, bowel problems, menstrual problems, headaches, asthma, allergies and that’s how it affects every and all cells in the body. The idea is to keep all the joints in the body moving in their healthy, full range of motion throughout life.

That’s why I wrote a book. That’s why I’m trying to teach people the benefits of chiropractic, that it’s a lot bigger and broader than just my back hurts.

Because chiropractic do help people on so many levels, I’m still here. I’m still in business and still enjoying it. I don’t say chiropractic cures or fixes anything. I say it fixes subluxations and we improve the central nervous system which creates an environment in the body where it can heal and take better care of itself.

I love adjusting and teaching people what we do. It’s the toughest part of what we do. Nowadays, people come in with misconceptions and preconceptions about what chiropractors do and what we’re capable of doing. The adjusting is easy. It’s not painful. It’s kind of fun when you see families and adjusting generations.

I was very, very happy in my third year of college studying forestry and wildlife management and conservation. A friend said come on, we’re going to go to Pennsylvania to listen to a guy named Reggie Gold, a chiropractor. Halfway through the talk, I looked at my friend and my brother and I said, ‘I’m going to be a chiropractor.’

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