Featured Letter: When we were in need, first responders were there for us

To the editor:

On the evening of Jan. 13, I got a call no husband or father ever wants: My wife and kids were in a car accident. 

As I drove to the scene, my mind was racing with thoughts of how they were, and how bad their injuries were. Luckily, their injuries were minor. By the time I got there, about eight minutes after it had happened, both the Riverhead Police Department and Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps had the scene more than under control. 

They were comforting my wife and making my kids smile. I couldn’t have asked for someone to take better care of my family than those two groups. By the time my kids and wife were transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center, all three of them were laughing with the EMTs, and also with the fine nurses and doctors. They even went out of their way to get my kids a snack since it was way past their dinner time, which they had not eaten yet. 

In all, I just wanted to say an extended thank-you to the amazing first responders who helped us that night. You deserve more recognition than you receive.

Tom and Ashley Loreto, Southold