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Suffolk County to request 45-day extension on property taxes for residents, businesses financially affected by COVID-19

A committee of county and local government officials is asking the state for a 45-day extension on payment of property taxes, County Executive Steve Bellone announced Wednesday.

Mr. Bellone said the extension would apply to individuals and businesses that have lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Bellone said homeowners with a 25% decline in income and businesses with $1 million in net income or less that have seen a 50% dropoff will be eligible for the extension.

The request is subject to an executive order from Governor Andrew Cuomo. If approved, taxes paid before July 15, 2020 would not be subject to late fees and penalties.

“This would provide a little more breathing space, a little more time,” the county executive said.

Mr. Bellone was joined at the announcement by several town, village and school district officials from across the county who worked on the request, including Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.

The county executive said a number of factors, including the federal CARES Act, had to come together to make the extension possible.