Northforker celebrates the ‘Best of the North Fork’

The North Fork has certainly been celebrated often in recent years.

It’s not uncommon for a national publication to identify it as the “hot new place to be” or for a local beach or winery to serve as a set for a film or television crew. The North Fork is beloved, and for good reason.

Perhaps nobody celebrates the North Fork as much as our colleagues at northforker. This month the staff at our sister lifestyle publication spilled the beans on all their favorite places, publishing a ‘Best of the North Fork‘ issue. It features everything from top food spots and wineries to beaches and parks, as well as some of the individuals who make these places great.

“The North Fork may be small in land mass, but it is mighty in its culture of excellence,” wrote northforker editorial director Sara Austin in her editor’s note for the July issue.

The magazine featured profiles of some of the staff’s favorite food purveyors and artisans, personal recollections of first encounters with treasured restaurants and shops, and accolades in dozens of categories.

Ultimately, the staff chose a half dozen or more “best of” recipients in 58 categories in what Ms. Austin said was a process “too hard” to narrow down to single winners.

“Ask your own family to agree on, say, one best farm stand or one best taco and see how fast a feud breaks out,” she wrote. “But mostly it felt like spreading the love was the natural approach to take after this difficult year.”

Now the northforker team is turning things over to readers with a vote for readers choice awards. They’ve made their best of lists public and readers can log on and cast their choice for the “best of” in each category.

Have a favorite Italian spot? Know where the best sunsets are? Want to give love to your marina? Have your say before polling closes on July 25.

Visit today to cast your vote.